Welcome to mi mundo

Mi nombre es Lizeth Arenas.
I am a first generation cisgendered chicana (chee-cahn-uh ) woman and bilingualism is my thing.
I am a full time Arizona State University student getting my bachelors in Spanish in 2020.
I am a full time Spanish Medical Interpreter at a children’s pediatric clinic in Arizona.
I am also part of my company’s social media team and I produce, edit, and create content for them.
I sing, I write poetry, I love theatre and all of the arts.
Soy esposa y madre.
My husband Steven is my hunky intellectual chicano hero.
He is a high school english teacher and head football coach at his school-go Falcons!
We have two beautiful and healthy children named Gabriel and Eiva (ayvah).
I welcome you to the rants, reflections, laughter and the aches as I navigate
my world y toda su gloria.
April 2017, pregnant with my Eiva Xitlali (mi ave y mi estrella).
Eiva is 3 months old and Gabriel is 2 years old, 2017.